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Weekly buzz

By Werner on May 31, 2009

Death this week… (SENSATIVE VIEWING)

We started this week off with the unfortunate death of an elephant cow at Tshukudu dam close to the lodge. It seems to be due to an old injury. But as sad as this was, the death of this animal meant that a huge variety of predators and scavengers have “food on the table” for quite a few days. Sightings around the carcass have been phenomenal this week. Lions, brown and spotted Hyena?s, black backed Jackal and a whole variety of Vultures have been seen here on a daily basis. The nights in camp is filled with the sounds of lions and hyena’s calling. We might even have witnessed the take over of Ditaba and Xipedi’s (the two dominant male lions of the area) territory as their two younger sons (the Naledi brothers) muscled their way in and chased the two old boys a few kilometers away from the carcass before returning to feed. They have been seen at the kills since.

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Below is one of the two Naledi brothers after they claimed the carcass for themselves. His brother was laying just to the left of the carcass out of the picture.

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2 thoughts on “Weekly buzz

  1. Wow, Werner! Dink nie jy gaan dit gou weer sien nie! Dit lyk verskriklik, shame. Tog wens ek ek was daar om dit te sien! Die stank was seker iets verskriklik… Goed gaan daar!

  2. Hello Rika, nice to hear from you again.
    Yes like you say, we will probably not see a sighting like this again soon. So sad but still so great to see all the animals going there to feed.
    All the best!

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