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My apologies for being a bit scares lately

By Dwayne on November 21, 2012

Hey All MadikweHills Blog family, sorry that there wasn?t a weekly update blog for the last couple of weeks. I sincerely apologize for that, like we all know, I also need to go on leave. But now I am back and let us have a great chat and look at this week?s photos.

It is so beautiful to see that we have trained elephants in the reserve, which likes to drinking water all standing next to each another.
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Coming into the rainy season, you need to look so carefully, otherwise you could mistake them for termite mounds.\
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For the last week the Keitumetsi pride and the boys where at Tholo dam

Here we can see one of the cubs stalking his mother. One problem! If you like to surprise someone, you do not need to present yourself on the dam wall. You need to be invisible or hide behind something like a tree or a bush! Oh well, with time experience will come.
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What a sight! The youngest Lenyala, he is just so majestic, well, in my opinion.
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But wait; let us think it over mmm? If he is so majestic, what can we say about the oldest one?

This is the oldest Lenyala walking towards us. Just look at him, that dark main, the size? Just think about the presence he creates when appearing in a sighting or just walking and roaring to advertise his presence. I get goose bumps just thinking about it!!
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Warm Bush Regards to all

6 thoughts on “My apologies for being a bit scares lately

  1. Dwayne great pictures and we will see you all on the 9th of January for our next dose of heaven. How are the cheetahs getting on? The thought of going onto the plains and seeing them is nearly unbearable

  2. Excellent Dwayne.
    Any chance you could do a brief history on the lion population some time as I am confused with the lineage and the pride male. I assume these guys are relatively new as dominant males?
    We’ll have to get back there soon.

  3. Good day you guys

    Hi Glyn
    Thanks for the complement I try, so cool to see you guys are coming in Jan 2013 looking forwards to meeting you.

    Hi David
    Cool see you on the 9th of Jan 2013. The boys are doing well and will be realest in the early days of Des 2012. I am also so existed and can?t wait for the first photo of them on the plains.

    Hi Sepp
    Good id?e ill phone around and get more info on that just give me time pls.

    Guys thanks for your comments
    Bush Regards

  4. I love your blog, super photo’s and a very good why of making us jealous not to be there with you guys. Take good care of yourselfs, will see you all some time next year.

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