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This is part of thisweek?s photos and a special story.

By Dwayne on November 22, 2012

It was a good week for lions.

We started of yet again with an Elephant photo!I get a lot of guests asking me what or who is making these holes next to the road. Now we can see who is responsible for that. I love the mud flying to the back!
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We stumbled across the latest honeymoon couple in the park.
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Tholo dam is the only water source in the North Western side of the reserve. It must be a real dilemma for the other animals to just have a drink of water, after a hot, I mean HOTday.What a letdown if you walk around the bush and there is 15 lions just lying around between you and the water.

So, do I go or do I just peek over the dam wall to see if the family is still there?
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It is time for the big boys to move to another spot.
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And it starts the domino effect; the first little one got up, the second one and so did the rest of the cubs.
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(It is time to get your hanky or tissues out for this story.)There is a specialstoryin this lion family. Just like in our lives there is one that always stands out.

This is the story of a little 10 month old female cub.
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This little female in this particular pride, has taken a specialspot in my heart. Over the last 10 months of her life, she got thrown in to the deep side from the start. She was born with a short left legand then, on top of it all, I heard on the age of 4 monthold herself and the rest of the pride got mange*.
All the guides thought that she will be the first one to die.
But, sheshowed us again that she is a survivor and that she will never give up.It is now 6 months later and it tugs on yourheart to see her walk, but I have to say to you: If you see her playing with the other cubs you would not know that she has a disability.
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Bush gerards
Photos taken by Dwayne de Lange

2 thoughts on “This is part of thisweek?s photos and a special story.

  1. Dis so waar en tog so hartseer dat daar in die lewe so iets sal wees. Hou haar dop ek sal ook graag wil weet wat van haar gaan word. Madikwe se Batiya broers(wat jy nie geken het nie) en Mosellasella sal my altyd na aan die hart le. Dan het ek ook ‘n interssante konneksie met Itali, dit sal ek vir jou vertel wanneer ek weer in Madikwe gaan kuier. Pas die leeus mooi op en wees op die uitkyk vir die jagluiperds, want ek het nog nooit een in Madikwe gesien nie. Sal hulle bitter graag wil sien. Groete aan almal by Madikwe Hills.

  2. Morning Marietjie

    Thanks for your Comment Marietjie, the cheetahs will be released in the coming days we all are so excited and just can?t wait to see them raining free again.

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