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Sad day for Madikwe

By Werner on June 2, 2009

Sensitive viewing!!!

On the morning drive we came across a Brown Hyena running with the remains of a Leopard. He dropped it soon after we saw him. We sat for about forty minutes, waiting for him to return without luck. We couldn’t find any sign in the area to give us an idea of what happened to the leopard. The grass in the area is very long and thick and we lost the tracks hundred meters in from the road. An almost hour long search delivered no clues to what happened. Judging from the size of the paws at was a male which would make it unlikely that it was the Hyena who killed him. My guess would be that it was a fight with another dominant male in the area or even Lions shouldn’t be ruled out. Either way, still very sad to think it?s one less Leopard out there for us to admire?

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