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The first few game drives for Madikwe Hills

By Tabs on September 21, 2009

My first few drives at Hills.

As a new member of the Madikwe Hills team I had a great start to my new adventure. The sunsets this time of the year goes well with gin and tonics.

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The super pride of the park put a roadblock up on the main road and prevented people from passing…

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The elusive lady in red.

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10 thoughts on “The first few game drives for Madikwe Hills

  1. Hi Tabie. Really fantastic photos of the lions. With a start such as this I can not wait to see what other surprises you and your lens has in store for us.

  2. An outstanding first post on the blog Tabie! I must say, I haven’t often seen such a perfect first time article on the blog… 😉
    Thanks for your contribution and we all look forward to more from you.

  3. Wow,
    Nice to meet you Tabs
    yours seems to be a very good start! wonderful pictures-
    thank you for keeping us in touch with this beautiful reserve-
    I look forward to see more

  4. Talk about a blaze of glory! All great photos.
    I’m sorry I can’t be there for the rains but
    perhaps you can post a few photos when
    it comes. Best of luck to you as you
    encounter new adventures.

  5. Welcome. Wonderful photos. This Madikwe blog site keeps me inspired….so looking forward to seeing many more fab snap shots.

  6. Leke Boeta
    Die fotos lyk great. Gaan groot my vriend. Weet nie of jou base die lees nie so ek sal nie te veel shots uit deel nie. Jy maak my trots my broer.

  7. Hi Tabie

    Jeff and I are back in Florida now, but will never forget our outings with you, Simon and our Italian Friends looking for the "Main Lion".

    Jeff has some photos of the lions in the road too (don’t tell him, but yours are better.. LOL).

    Take Care

    Betsy Begens

  8. ja tabie! all the best at the new lodge! hope it is going well in madikwe…your photos are coming on nicely! looks like some awesome wild dog and lion activity in that area…

    all the best



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