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Pics from the weekend

By Jacques on September 21, 2009

I just came back from leave and all ready its very busy with good sightings. Its getting warmer by the day and I cant wait for the rain and green vegetation.

We came across the Morati males at Tholo Dam. They were very sleepy.

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We also met one of Madikwe`s giants.

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We had the privelidge to see a Slender Mongoose for more than a second. He gave us a good show as he was sun bathing.

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3 thoughts on “Pics from the weekend

  1. It looks like your Giant had a nice bath at
    the watering hole, Jacques. Everytime
    I see a Lion laying down like that I think
    of a movie line "get in my belly". Lol.
    Love the Mongoose too. I’m a bit of a sun
    worshiper myself!

  2. Hi Cheryl.

    I was using a Cannon 350D with a 300ML 5.6f Sigma lense. Not top of the range stuff but you can make it work.
    Thank you for staying in youch with the Madikwe Hills blog. Have a great day.

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