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The last blog for 2012

By Dwayne on December 31, 2012

Good day to Madikwe hills blog family

The year has now seen its, last couple of hours ha ha… Wander just what you thought?

I am just ending the year off with some photos that I took yesterday and this morning.

To start off we were sitting and watching a lonely Baboon, were my eye saw an object, it was far. In front of us on the side of the road, I didn?t registered the first time what it was, so I looked again for the second time and she moved. It was a lioness and wait, four little bodies joined her on the roared. It was just so magnificent to see how she waits for them to cross and she than move. I was just too late to get a good side shot of them, but got a beautiful rear shot in.

They joined up with aunty and the cousins. It was so cute!

There was a kudu that the two girls poled down the night before.

This was just a pleasure to have a whole heard of ellies just for ourselves! It was somuch fun to see how they eat and the little ones play.

We arrived first thing this morning at the site where we left the lionesses last night. For our surprise, we did not see lions but about 8 spotted hyenas. Wow! It was my first time seeing so many of them together.

We got this old boy laying in the middle of the road. Old but still beautiful!

A happy New Year for all our Madikwe Hills blog family! We at Madikwe Hills hope that 2013 is a great and wonderful year for all. Hope that we will see you guys back at home here by us. Remember all the love and friendship from your family at Madikwe hills.

Warm bush regards
Dwayne de Lange
Head ranger
Madikwe hills
Photos taken by Dwayne de Lange

Dwayne de Lange signing out for 2012 we chat again in 2013.

5 thoughts on “The last blog for 2012

  1. Beautil photos! I was so happy to hear from you after such a long time. Please
    do me a favor & ask the Leopard Hills
    Weblog to add me to their mailing list.
    I am not able to contact them. A very
    Happy New Year to all of you, healthy too.

  2. Dwayne, Hannes and the team,

    Have a great 2013 and see you all again on the 9th. We cannot wait to see you all again

    David and Ruth

  3. Greetings to all

    I have to say if 2013 starts like it did, it is going to be a good year for us at Madikwe Hills.
    I would just like to say thanks to you all that had commented on the blog last year.

    Hi Manny & Betty Aguila this is Heinrich at Leopard Hills? e-mail address:
    You guys can send him an e-mail to give him your contact details.

    A 2013 New Years greeting

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