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The smaller critters … Bryan Mulligan

By bmulligan on October 20, 2008

The birds, reptiles and common animals can be as interesting as the big ones…

The bird life was amazing… some common, some not so common. Werner, you’ll need to help me with the name of the tern that we saw flying at the Dam

<%LightBox2(52/IMG_0208E.jpg|Black Shouldered Kite|Photo Group 1)%>

<%LightBox2(52/IMG_0181E.jpg|Purple Roller|Photo Group 1)%>

<%LightBox2(52/Little_Bee_Eater.jpg|Little Bee Eater|Photo Group 1)%>

<%LightBox2(52/IMG_0175E1.jpg|Tern at the Dam|Photo Group 1)%>

<%LightBox2(52/IMG_0040E.jpg|Zebra Graphic|Photo Group 1)%>

2 thoughts on “The smaller critters … Bryan Mulligan

  1. I agree Brendon, stunning photography Brian. The Tern we saw at Tshukudu dam was a Whiskered Tern. You did very well to get that it in mid flight by the way. The Little Bee Eater is my favorite though. 🙂

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