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What a week!

By Dwayne on October 24, 2012

This week it was booming in the Park. The new Cheetahs where released in the boma but that is a story on its own.

Let?s start off on a feathery note?

This was on an afternoon drive; we got these two Wahlberg?s eagles close to their nest. The beauty of eagles are that they are monogamous that means that they will pair for life.
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Something is telling me death is in the area, ?was it the smell?? or the Vultures in the tree? Most probably both!
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How beautiful is the courtship displayed between two Purple rollers.
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It was such a pity that Jacques has been looking for these guys for more than two days and the day his guests leave, that afternoon my guest were so lucky in getting the pups.
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Moments later the adults appeared and the pups were up and running to greet them.
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What a puppy face!
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Just shows you how it works on game drives. We stopped on the eastern side of Tshukudu dam and we left because there was nothing. What we did not know was that she was just behind a acacia bush and was just out of our view.
We had a breeding herd of Elephants not far from Tshukudu dam; it was just a few minutes later the call was made over the radio that there is a lioness at Tshukudu dam. We were the first vehicle to respond and had a beautiful sighting of her.
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Lots of people ask me what is happening, Impalas are normally smooth and shining but these two?s coats are not shining and look rough. It is called pilo-erection; that is when all their hair on their body puffs up, it helps them to keep warm.
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What can we say? Yes we also got traffic on the road if you need to get some were in a rush.
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I have to say this is the sighting of the week a Flapneck chameleon! Wow the first one of the season.
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Bush regards
Photos taken by Dwayne de Lange

2 thoughts on “What a week!

  1. Hi Dwayne

    I was there for the Lion, not to mention the elephant,leopard, rhino and buffelo, fantastic days viewing, just watch out for the sickle bush.


    Terry and Jean

  2. Morning Terry

    I am glad that we met up to your expectations and above. What can we say about the sickle bush? It stays a nightmare and just need to try to avoid them as best as possible. Glad that you guys enjoyed your stay with us.

    Bush regards

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