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Wild & Untamed

By Niki on September 7, 2009

Exceptional accommodations & great Rangers produce an adventure to remember…

Madikwe Hills is nestled on a hill amongst the trees where we took a boardwalk to our room & what a room it was. It had a view to a water hole which provided a continual display of different animals coming to drink & play. The food, staff & amenities were very good, but the game drives with our Ranger & Tracker are what made our visit so special.
Nicholas, our Ranger, was very professional & knowledgeable about the African Bush & his sense of humor made us feel right at home. We did not know that you could actually change a tire in the bushveld, but he showed it could be done when he helped another Ranger. We invited him to come to our Daytona Speedway & test his skills here!
Samuel was our tracker. He not only could find a needle in a haystack, but the person who put it there! What sightings he found for us.

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We had a great time at Madikwe Hills & saw many things, but of course the wild dogs are really cool. One night at our Sundower they came & surrounded us on all sides, which scared the pants off me, but what a rush! (Guess that’s what the Amarula is for)

4 thoughts on “Wild & Untamed

  1. We really appreciate that you have taken the time to update our blog with your images and comments. (I saw u also posted on the Leopard Hills blog!) Did you also happen to go to Kings Camp, or is that for next time? We also have an incredible priivate island in the Seychelles, if you enjoy all things marine…. Thanks again!

  2. You are so welcome, Patrick, & yes we did get to King’s Camp also. We got to see baby Hyenas there. Very cool. Your private island sounds very nice & I bet you serve Amarula there, too!

  3. Hi Niki

    Thank you for joining the blog and sharing your experience with us. We look forward to seeing you back at the lodge. I am sure you have noticed that game viewing can become a bit of an addiction once you have tasted it. We will also keep you updated with a monthly lodge and rangers report.

    I will keep some Amarula on ice for you.

  4. I look forward to your updates & seeing the beauty of your land. Even though I won’t have any Amarula to imbibe on, we did bring home some nice South African wine that I can pair it with!

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