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Elephants at the spa!!!

By Jacques on April 9, 2009

Elephants enjoying a day at the bush spa.

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4 thoughts on “Elephants at the spa!!!

  1. A sight and experience that will be forever in our hearts.
    It’s so cool to come home and look at the Madikwe blogs and know that we were actually there while these pictures were taken.
    Thanks to Jaques & Victor.
    Kind regards
    From Dan & Lin

  2. hi jacques, how you doing?great pics of the elephants, i wonder if that is the family we saw at the watering hole on lucy’s birthday? The elephants were defitnely my favourite sight! say hi to victor for us, we still miss you guys!! lol michelle,meg&lucyx

  3. Hey Michelle. I dont know. They were very relaxed and good fun. Say hallo to the girls and happy easter!

  4. Hai, Jacques and Victor, How are you guy’s doing? Just Wanted to thank jou for the great time we had. The foto’s came out great. It’s a pitty we didn’t see the Wild Dogs. But I saw them on your gallery. I’ll copy them ha ha. The foto’s of the leopard and the cheeta did’nt come out well it’s a pitty. Thanks very mutch for every thing. Love Chantal

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